A student will be given a trail of three days after which he will be charged for the package he asks for. A student will get a full refund of the fee being paid (100%) if he or she leaves the course before the date of commencement of the classes.

If a student due to any reason wants to stop the course after a single lesson then his half fee(50%) will be refunded by the company.

No refund will be made if the student will stop talking the classes after more than 15 days without any prior notice. If any student wants to cancel the classes then he or she will have to inform one month prior.

Submission of Refund Request

Anybody needing to request a refund will have to provide the details including name of client and course title. The request must be submitted in the form of a written application. Please submit the request to our official support email id. All refunds shall be made by the organization within 10 days of the request being made from the student.

Make up classes

If a student, due to any reason is not able to attend a class, he can inform 24 hours prior to support of organization. After which he can be provided with a make-up class.  If a student by any chance misses a class, but fails to inform beforehand, then he won’t be provided with any kind of make-up class.  If due to any reason, any teacher fails to teach a class then a make-up class will be provided at the place of missed class.