online quran classes for kids
"Do you want your kids to read the Holy Qur’an with a beautiful Arabic accent and proper pronunciation? Get Registered with us today and gave best Islamic education to your kids with Highly Qualified Male & Female Native Arab teachers at a comfort of home.

‘Learn Quran Online’ is an online Quran teaching institute, offering best online quran classes for kids and adults with the comfort of their own homes using the latest communication technologies like Skype etc. No matter where you are in the world you can get Islamic Education with Expert Arab Teachers without living your home.

It's moral and religious obligation of all Muslim parents to make proper arrangements for their children’s Islamic education but doesn't you think that it's becoming a difficult element to look for a Quran academy or to discover schedules of Quran classes picking the most appropriate for your kids for Quran education?
Or you may not find out enough time to drive your kids to Islamic center for learning Quran.

Now you don’t need to be a worry anymore ! online Quran classes solved your hassle via introducing Best online Quran classes for kids to meet all Islamic educational requirements of your kids through handy and easy conversational software like skype etc. Now your kids can learn Quran online without leaving home at a comfort of own home.

it’s easier than you could think! Now you and your kids get the knowledge of Islam at their home in front of your eyes, so you don't need to drive your kids far away to a Masjid or Islamic Center for learning of Quran with Tajweed.

Now you can try absolutely FREE 2 Day’s trial Classes with our Live Teacher for your satisfaction.

Best Online Quran Classes for kids!

All our teachers are examined in detail before hiring, after hiring they go through intense training in which they have trained how to teach online & how to make the class interactive & easy for kids. Our all Quran Tutors are exceptionally proficient in managing the children, we've got made classes so much entertaining & interesting that the children come online on Skype on the time of class, parents don’t need to ask them to go online for the class.

Why Online Quran Classes for kids works better?

Due to technology factor kids love learning Quran online They are not willing to gain knowledge of something with the traditional methods.
Instead, they want to learn in an interactive method with an enjoyable time. The traditional methods of teaching like instructing Quran having same black and the white script shouldn't be attractive for the children.
Why not teach them with an interactive, colorful and filled with full of activity Quran teaching methods. It's going to now not most effective and enjoyable for them to study the everyday classes, however, they'll also be taught it with interest.

Our Quran Teaching Strategy and procedure is 15X quicker and efficient than common instructing methods in Masjid or Sunday classes because we provide one to one live classes. Students get his teacher's full interaction for 30 minutes.

Quran classes online for kids also includes basic Quran alphabet learning to advanced level Quran learning with proper tajweed , Memorization of Salah (Prayer), Memorization of last 20 surahs. And memorization of 40 small hadiths and 40 Duaas, Islamic stories, Wudhu and Ghusl methods and all necessary Islamic principles.
Quran online classes for kids is arranged with Live Quran Teacher in Real time on Skype. All lesson are One to one So, no CD, DVD, Video, textual content documents required. All studying material will b furnish free of cost.
Our teaching method enables all students to get full command of reading Quran with perfect pronunciation according to rules of tajweed.

Benifits of Online Quran Classes

  • Would you be able to go to the mosque with your child to see that how are your children Progressing or even would you be able to sit with your child while he/she is taking Quran classes at home(probably no because you don't wanna bother him/her)? Unquestionably no ,
  • However, in online Quran learning, you could sit with your kids whenever you would like without any hesitation because your kid will be involved with the Quran teacher on the computer.
  • online quran classes free trial
  • it's hard to know that how your kid is progressing even as he is taking manual lessons however online Quran classes for kids is the perfect and most suitable way to see the improvement of your child .

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