Online Quran Academy

Learning Quran from certified experts Arabic Teachers has now become super easier and much affordable. In our Online Quran Academy, We are providing a platform where YOU are in charge of scheduling your classes at our best suitable schedule with world class Quran teachers.

You don't need to go anywhere, because with us you can start learning Quran from your home or workplace. We’ve professional, trained and qualified Male and female teachers who have many years experience in Quran teaching. 

Our teachers are certified for teaching and are checked out with extreme care. Our Quran Academy makes the native Arab teachers accessible by bringing them all on a single platform.

Considering the importance of keeping your children in touch with Islamic customs, our team aims to make online Quran classes for kids easy and attractive using unique and special online tools which help in learning Quran effectively. 

 Not only for kids, we're also giving classes for our adult sisters and Brothers. Eather they learned before or not, Now they have golden chance to Study as learning Quran is equally important for elderly people too.

Free Trial Classes For YOU !

In order to maintain the credibility of online classes and to give you an insight of learning with online teachers, free trial classes or demo classes are offered. Experience the best out of these classes to finalize your decision of registering with Us.

These free demo classes last for two days, just to let you decide according to the quality of learning with the online academy. It is an exclusive feature which many companies fail to provide, however, we allows time to make the right decision of enrolling for the classes.

Do not forget to avail this opportunity even if you plan to learn some time later, because such opportunities do not always knock the door!!

Choose Your own Suitable Schedule for Classes:

Online Quran teaching academy gives you the liberty to choose the time for taking the classes when you desire. There is no strict schedule to stick with. It doesn’t matter which time-zone you’re in, make yourself feel at ease and enroll in the course without worrying about time.

Fulfil Your Obligation with Small Monthly Charges:

To make it easily accessible for low earners, Al-Quran academy helps you fulfil your obligation at minimal expenses paid monthly. The fees received from clients help to maintain the online presence as well as expert teachers. It helps this Quran teaching academy to keep facilitating you with accessible and high quality Quran education.

In addition to accessibility, the online Quran Academy helps the students save their time by learning Quran staying in their homes. It minimizes traveling expenses and takes care of quality learning to maintain high standard of education for those seeking guidance in learning Quran. You can check our affordable fee packages here.

How Online Classes Works?

The online Quran teaching requires you to have a computer and an internet connection. With an online class, there is no need to step out of your house but instead, a click connects you to your teacher.

To make sure high quality learning experience, the classes are designed such that your teacher is in direct contact. It helps to monitor and correct the mistakes right away and to create a pure teaching environment with the Quran academy online.

Online teaching of Quran also makes it easier for working class of people to learn or memorize Quran due to the highly flexible timings. These classes teach recitation, memorization, and learning opportunities by an instructor/teacher of your choice.

Learn Tajweed & Memorize Quran with Quran Academy Online

From Tajweed to Arabic Pronunciation, your track towards learning is paved with intensive care by experienced Quran teachers. There is no full stop to learning as it is a continuous process. Once you have learned the basics of Quran, it is extremely important to think of educating yourself with the knowledge of Tajweed.

Memorization of Quran is a prestigious task just like reading the Quran is. Nevertheless, memorizing Quran with our skilled teachers will allow you to learn with pace and efficiency. Chosen are the ones who learn and the memorize Quran with all their heart. So if you consider that your children are ready to understand Quran, consider its memorizing as well.

Motives of Al-Quran Academy

We are putting our best to make online learning of Quran as simpler as clicking your button. This academy has a motive of educating people with Quran’s education without having them to leave their home.

The easy access of online lessons brings to you the expert Arabic teachers. Utilizing the globally used internet network, this academy contributes in teaching Islam and its customs by connecting learners and teachers.

Teaching the Quran requires the time and sheer effort, hence this platform values the teachers. Hiring quality instructors is a goal for this academy, but it has successfully maintained the standard of teaching, learning, and memorizing Quran.

While covering a vast area all over the globe with thousands of students, Learn Quran sets a platform for any person keen to understand & learn the religion.