Learn Quran Recitation

Learn Quran Recitation

Now you can Learn Quran Recitation right from the comfort of your own home at the schedule of our choice with our highly experienced and well educated Native Arab Male & Female Teachers.

Our academy aims to teach students how to learn recitation of holy Quran with the best pronunciation using techniques of Quran Tajweed.

As we know, the meaning of Holy Book words can change even with pretty alternation in the pronunciation of a word. This course supports the student to recite the Quran rightly without making any error.

Our teaching approach:

Following course of action is taken to teach Quran online recitation:

The course start with teaching the principal of Quran reading where pronunciation of teach alphabet is taught along with word joining techniques.

The meaning of different symbols in Holy Book is also taught under this learn Quran recitation with tajweed course.

Lessons are provided to teach the pause and continuation techniques used while Quran reciting verses.

Dedicated focus from an individual teacher makes sure that students learn the right recital technique.

The teacher recites a verse of Holy Book for student and the student follows the pronunciation technique to recite the same verse.

Quran Recitation Advantages

The more we think about it the more we realize the advantages of Quran recitation. Allah Almightily promises to put a barrier between those who recite Holy Book and those who are non-believers. Can a person who learns Quran recitation online ask for more? Considering the following verses of Holy Book:

And that I should recite the Quran. Therefore, whoever goes aright, he goes aright for his own soul and whoever goes ' astray, then say: I am only one of the warners". Quran An-Naml [27:92]

The Muslim parents have a liability of teaching the Quran to their kids. The must encourage the Quran Recitation by their kids as the rewards for this are huge. It is simple for the kids to learn the Arabic script even when they are non-Arabs. Actually, the thing learned in the childhood, generally, last in the memory for life. It does not indicate that the adults cannot learn Quran recitation with tajweed. It is simply possible with the support of a teacher trained all the aspects of teaching the adults.

When the Quran online recitation classes have such, big rewards it comes naturally to the mind that there must be some manners that should observe for it. The Muslim must value it from heart and take it fully seriously.

Before starting the Holy Quran Class, a person should ensure that he is clean or pak in terms of the Islamic needs. The person should do ablution. Both the Muslim women and men should cover their body rightly to recite the Quran. Additional, the Muslims should try not to make an error while reciting the Quran. If you are in the learning phase, the recitation sessions should be administrated by the professional teacher.

The Muslims should also never forget that there are some rules, which must be observed even when one is listening or joining the Quran Recitation classes.

Allah says in the Holy Book,
"And when the Quran is recited, then listen to it and remain silent, that mercy may be shown to you". Quran Al-Araf [7:204] Some religious scholars say that listening to the Recitation Quran silently is compulsory in the Holy Book. The listing of the Holy Book also a cause of good values for the Muslims.

Most people trust in order to get advantage from Quran, one need to read it and know its meaning. Anyway, very few know that the Holy Book recitation can also bring numerous advantages. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) pertaining to recitation of Holy Book says:

"On the day of judgment, it will be said to the man devoted to the Quran: "Go on reciting the Quran and continue ascending the stories of paradise and recite in the slow manner you had been reciting in the worldly life. Your final abode will be where you reach at the time you recite the last ayah."
(Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi).

Therefore, the Quran recitation is as vital as its memorization, reading and understanding.

Due to the Muslims spreading across the world, the need for teachers to support the Muslim kids in Europe and the new converts in the recitation of Quran has increased exponentially. To fulfill this need the idea of learning recitation of Quran has surfaced. It is a convenient, simple and best way of learning Quran with Tajweed.