What is Online Quran teaching and how it different from other types?

Online Quran teaching involves learning Quran via online resources. It is different from other kind of courses in a way that you can attend classes even if you are not able to go to Masjid on your own. It is really helpful for people living abroad who are not able to get Quran lessons from a Quran teacher or the ones who do not live near one.

How do I register for online Quran Lessons?

The process for registration is really simple. Just click on the registration tab and it will lead you to a step by step process of registration according to your needs of lessons.

Do I need to pay by each lesson or is it a monthly package?

You will have to pay for your Quran lessons for a month before hand after you have satisfied with the three day trail lessons.

What do I do if the teacher don’t come online?

If something like this happens, just contact support, it is the number that is given on the webpage. You will be able to coordinate and talk with our representor on your issue.

Will my child be taught anything else in lessons except Quran learning?

Yes the Kalimas/Declarations and Salat/Prayer will also be taught in Quran lessons as they are the part of each and every lesson.

Will I be able to read and recite Quran in the proper way after my lessons are completed?

Yes you will be able to read and recite Quran in the proper way after the lessons are completed. The lessons are provided by experts who are masters in tajweed so you will also get to learn these aspects too.

Can I set my own schedule for lessons other than being told by the company?

Yes you can set your own schedule too as per your likings and ease in order to have your lessons.

Can I pay you offline? I don’t know how the online payment procedure works?

If you are having any difficulty in online payment then our representor can guide you in the process. However if you want to pay offline then you can do it as well. We accept payments through PayPal and through Bank Account transfers as well. You can choose whatever way please you the most.

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