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  • Live Sessions

    Learn Quran Online with Qualified and Expert Quran Teachers. It's live Quran classes organized one to one Using Skype and screen sharing software. As we believed, one teacher can well pay attention to a single student for half an hour to get effective and best results.

  • Affordable Classes

    Our aim is spreading the knowledge of Quran, We are proudly providing these services at too lowest possible monthly charges. Our intense and hard-work tutors will go to every level to give the best value for your investment. See our monthly Cost & Plans here.

  • we are GLOBAL

    No matter where you are! our trained tutors are very skilled to use latest Internet technologies to teach students in a so easy way.


    Our Tutors are Qualified and Expert in the teaching of Quran. Our Male and Female Quran Teachers is kind, patient and friendly. You can choose either Male or Female teacher.


How Online Quran Learning Works?

Follow these easy steps and start Online Quran Learning today!

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Our Popular Courses
We have skilled Male and Female teachers with great experience in teaching Quran with proper way. Check our famous online Quran learning course below!

Why Learning Quran Online Works?

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We set up learning Quran online for kids and adults quite unique and exciting. Our online class room has excellent high-class sound and graphic which supplies duplex voice transmission among teachers and students.

Our program allow students to practice their Quran lessons on the whiteboard with the teacher. In our online classroom, the student can talk with the teacher through audio, video, and text. That's all need in effective live online Quran learning.

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You can Manage your subscriptions and lessons using our learning management system (LMS). Through LMS, student could be able to access and download syllabus and course material of the enrolled course. Check how well you are performing in your exams. Get regular updates your lessons.

You can check upcoming scheduled lessons, lesson activities, attendance and progress reports. In case, if you're not fit to join any class, you can cancel/reschedule from your account. Each canceled class will be rescheduled by the admin as in caring for with student's comforts.

Teacher's Journey
All teacher at our online Quran learning academy goes through a selection and a full training process. that's assure the best and good quality teaching of the Quran.
  •  e learning quran online

    Each application is checked to makes sure that the candidate holds the qualification for teaching Quran online at our Quran School.

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    Qualified candidates then go through on round of interview. After performing examine, an applicant is shortlisted only if he/she fits the high needs of our school.


    After all that process, we checked background regarding the candidate’s personal and professional history is made to affirm credentials of each selected candidate.


    After selection, the candidate signed an agreement with our school. The teacher is selected only if he agrees with the terms and conditions. These consist of non-disclosure of pay vital points, no private teaching outside.


    The elected tutors go through a full training process before starting online teaching. they're trained in many points of teaching such as interaction with students and other teaching manners too.


    All tutors undergoes top-notch improvement to polish his abilities in teaching of Quran in good way. Only after completing all this steps, tutors are able to teach in our school.

Why Choose Us?
Enjoy Our Free Online Trial Classes (100% Free)

We're offering free 2 trial classes for your satisfaction. No credit card required just fill up form with details. Just in few hours, our support team will get back to you along with all information of demo classes. After complete satisfaction, you can get register for regular classes.

We are international online Quran School

We're International Online Quran Academy which provides Quran online learning services over the internet across the world, set up in the USA since 5th December 2010. We made it to teach you Quran and Religion in a quiet easy and practical way at home. Thousands of Muslims, have been helped from our Online Quran lessons and they learned Quran with proper way from our e learning Quran online program. Our tutors are available at any time to help you.

Learn From Experts Quran Teachers

We've got first-class educated, expert and qualified native Arabic and Pakistani teachers to teach you to learn Quran properly and easily. Our all Quran teachers haveQuran Memorisation certification (ijaza) and eight years Islamic scholar certificates from world 's best Islamic Universities i.e Al-Azhar Institute. we are coaching in English, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu language. They have also in-depth knowledge and understanding of tajweed and tarteel/qiraat.

Basic to Advance Tajweed: We Teach Everything

we're teaching basic to advance level tajweed to recite Quran in a proper way. Our tutors start from scratch and take them at the level whereupon He/She can read Quran his/herself and recite Quran in elegant Arabic accent with proper pronunciation by learning Quran online with Us. We've designed online Online Quran Classes for kids and adults to gave them best online Quran Education experience.

Get Certified

On successful completion of course get free certificate and get accredited.

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How it WORKS

Learn from Live Quran Tutor in Real time on Skype! Watch live Demo.

Save Time & Be Protected!

Now, No need to send kids outside give them Islamic education at home in the safe atmosphere.

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